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Vincent dyu Vin'o

The American biochemist Vincent dyu Vin'o gave birth in Chicago in family of Alfred dyu Vin'o, inventor and mechanician, and Mary Teresa  of dyu Vin'o.
In 1918 he entered an Illinois university, where specialized on organic chemistry, and in 1923 got a baccalaureate, and next year is a master's degree on chemistry for the advanced study, devoted to the synthesis of medicine, possessing a local anaesthetic and вазопрессорным (defiant the increase of piesis) action.
Interest of dyu Vin'o to insulin was engendered after the lecture of V.K. To Rosa, read on the chemical faculty of the Illinois university soon after opening of insulin Frederic G. Bantingom and John Dzh.R. Macleodom. Dyu Vin'o remembered later, how he was «staggered by a circumstance that the chemical structure of this connection can possess such surprisings properties, described to Rosa.
In the Rochesterskom university dju Vin'o investigated chemical composition of insulin.
In 1927 dyu Vin'o got in the Rochesterskom university a doctorate on chemistry. Due to a grant from National research advice he passed to medical school of Jones Khopkinsa at the faculty of pharmacology, where managed to select amino acid cistin from the crystals of insulin. He opened also, that insulin contained amino acid and ammonia only, although an ammonia, as was well-proven by later, is a by-product.
In 1933 dyu Vin'o became the professor of biochemistry and dean of biochemical faculty of the Medical college of Kornellskogo of university in New York. There he continued the attempts to select, clean and synthesize the hormones of Oxytocinum (which stimulates reduction of uterus during births and causes the receipt of milk from womanish sucklings glands) and Vasopressinum (which stimulates narrowing of peripheral vessels of blood and promotes readsorbtion waters in buds, ò. to the a diminishing of volume of urine). During the study of biological transmetilirovaniya (transfer of metalnih groups from one molecule on other) he and his colleagues defined that метальные groups were the important factors of diet.
In 1955 dyu Vin'o was handed the Nobel prize on chemistry «for work with bioactive connections, and foremost for the first realizable synthesis of полипептидного hormone». In the Nobel lecture he told researches of these sulfur-containing peptids about history: «Beginning the series of experimental works in a laboratory, does not know exactly, to what will come eventually.

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